Types of Doors Available for Your Home

Several Door Options 

Interior entryways, exterior doors, French doors, accordion doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors. There are many styles of doors to choose from, from the utilitarian to the decorative, and everything in between. Choosing what is right for you and your home can be a task at times. Knowing the difference in the types of doors can help you find the right match for your need and residence. Read on to find out more. [Read more...]

Exploring Creative Nuances with Brick Flooring

The Emergence of Brick Flooring

People are always looking for ways to express themselves through the decoration of their home and one of the ways that this is being done in 2013 is through brick flooring. Every design has its own fashion trend and the reason that brick is picking up popularity this year is because of the rustic look, creative aspects, and potential for saving money.

Saving money with brick?

Brick is often known to be more expensive than other building materials and truth be told; it’s still not as cheap as vinyl or wood substitute flooring. However, if you are looking for a natural product such as stone or hard wood, brick in comparison can be quite a bit cheaper… especially for flooring. This is because the quality of brick for flooring purposes can be below what is normally used for upright building. Less than perfect brick can be salvaged and used for the floor. Even cracked pieces that are filled in with grout can give a more rustic or natural feel. As a bonus, it can also help with your cooling costs in the summer.

Another reason that people are turning back to brick is because wood prices are going up. Outdoor decks have been for a long time, the preference for wood materials but this is also changing. Brick is coming back as a cheaper alternative and one that can last longer in certain areas as well.

Creativity with brick

Creative inspiration has recently been popular with brick flooring both inside and outside of the home. Have you seen recent internet memes with Mario from Nintendo’s popular Mario Bros. game made from brick? There’s another with a lotus flower design. Of course there are also the more traditional crisscross, thatch, and multi-layered designs. The truth is, you can really show off your personality through brick and people are liking this option. This is yet another reason why brick is becoming more popular.

Is brick for you?

While it is true that brick is not always for everyone, we are sure that many of you will agree that brick can be great way to cover your floors while giving a number of options for expressive creativity. If money has stopped you previously from exploring brick flooring in your home our outside, then now is the time to think twice and talk to a flooring professional in your area about the possibilities in your home. Brick comes in a strong color pallet and can complement a number of home designs too!

Why not talk to someone today? Thishandyman.com has a number of brick flooring professionals in your area. To talk to someone or to schedule a consultation today just click on the quote now box on the top of this page. We can provide you with competitive quotes and get you in contact with the right company for your brick needs today.

Making Air Conditioning Home

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