Remodeling With Techniques to Cut Energy Usage

Make Your House a Home

Our homes are our sanctuary, where most of us spend the majority of our time is in our home. Your going to have to perform regular maintenance, and from time to time you may decide to remodel or redesign. When your consider either remodeling your home, or redesigning a room, be sure to consider ways you can put your money to use in the long run!


Of Roofs, and Siding For Insulation

Some basic home upgrades would include replacing shingles on roofing and insulation. Each year you should have our roof inspected, and ensure you’re not allowing air to escape from drafts caused from time or the house “settling”. Often times the repairs are simple, especially for professional contractors, or handymen. You may even consider when having maintenance or repairs done, to upgrade or add to your existing insulation. Keeping the air controlled in your home is important for cutting energy costs. Do not be fooled into thinking one thing can cut your energy bill in half from one upgrade! You can however combine the efficiency of your remodels, or repairs to make a big impact on how efficient your home is retaining your climate controlled air, and in turn cut energy cost! Blown in insulation, or radiant barriers definitely help cut some cost by increasing your homes efficiency, when installed properly by a professional!  Anytime you have siding repaired or replaced, it’s a good idea to consider adding some insulation while you are at it!


 Doors and Windows

Another common upgrade is replacing the windows, or doors in a home! If your current windows are drafty, your inside air is either escaping, or letting the outside air in! Often you can just re seal your windows, this is something that can be done yourself often, and caulking is fairly inexpensive. However, you may have older style windows, and may consider investing in some more efficient windows for your home, not only will they add value to the home, but will also provide a more efficient design. For your exterior doors, you can consider possibly a mid-range metal insulated door. They are usually more effective for keeping your temperature regulated.  A heavier metal door will also provide a bit more security for your home as well just as an added bonus! You just want to ensure with both the windows and doors, that you get a good seal to minimize any air flowing in or out of your home. It does not matter how nice it looks if its function is not effective!


 Let the Light Shine

The last thing folks consider is lighting. You can upgrade your lights by installed newer LED, or fluorescent lighting. The upfront cost is higher than tradition light bulbs, but the life cycle of the newer technology is gauged at about ten times that of incandescent, and the fact that they output more light with less energy is something to consider! To maintain your new energy efficient upgrades, simply take some time each year to look for anything that may need to be repaired! Simple caulking around window seals, and new weather stripping along the base of your exterior doors can help keep your home less drafty and more efficient! You should always have your roof inspected, and any damages repaired as soon you find them! Letting small problem go untreated can lead to much more costly bigger issues later! Anytime you hire a professional discuss your plans, budget, and your goal for your home improvements and repairs, they will be able to help you get the most out of your money!


   Need to Hire a Professional?

If you are in need of some extra professional hands, or even have a list of home improvements, or remodels you are considering, we have the best local handymen available to tackle all of your projects! has the best of the best for local handymen in your area! You will be glad you chose us to help you get free quotes from the best local handyman in your area!