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Manhattan NY Foundation Drainage Install

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With the construction industry making forays by leaps and bounds, new technology is used in foundation drainage construction also. Call Manhattan foundation drainage install services for drains that can remove water completely and prevent your home from structural damage. Make sure that silt and heavy clay fillings are avoided around the basement. Use granular soil instead and do not grow plants, flower plants, shrubs or trees close to the foundation.

When you install foundation drainage for your building, make sure that the top of each drain pipe is always below the bottom of the concrete slab and each pipe is surrounded by gravel. Call Manhattan foundation drainage install services to install a firm gravel layer and drain pipes that open away from the base of your foundation. Get details about the sump system if any, and ensure that there is a protective layer laid.

Do you have a drywell in your garden that can be used to collect excess water during the rains? Depending on the soil type, assess the amount of water it can hold and divert all excess water into the drywell. Call Manhattan NY foundation drainage install services to install new drains and connect them all to your drywell so that the water does not go waste. You can use it for watering all the plants during the summer.

A foundation drainage system should be installed only after a careful plan is laid out. For this, a thorough study of the soil and grading is essential. Depending on the results obtained, the best location of your home should be decided to prevent water stagnation and water seepage into the foundation. Call Manhattan foundation drainage install services to incorporate efficient drainage systems, backfills, outlets and a small area where excess water can collect.

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