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If your home is still under construction, there is an intelligent way of preventing pests from entering it. Pesticides can be pumped through a network of valves and pipes laid around the building and in the soil surrounding the structure. The process of pumping pesticides can be repeated as and when necessary. Call San Francisco pest control companies for effective control of pests throughout your home structure using the latest technology.

Is your soil in the garden infested with white ants or termites? If your storage cabinet has valuable documents you need to care for them and prevent the termites from causing damage to the papers. Even before you get to know about the pests, the damage is already done. Call San Francisco pest control companies when you notice any indications that your home is under the attack of termites and these professionals will help you get rid of them.

Fumigation is an effective method of controlling mosquitoes but the chemical used should not be harmful to humans. When fogging, spraying and fumigation techniques fail to control your pests, get the professionals to do the job for you. Call San Francisco CA pest control companies for killing all the larvae breeding in water bodies near or inside your home. This will prevent the next breed of mosquitoes from infesting your home.

Do you see white powder in your wooden cabinets and cupboards everyday despite cleaning them up? It is likely that your furniture is affected by wood borers. Call San Francisco CA pest control companies to effectively remove all the borers by injecting insecticides into the holes of the wood using a syringe. Repeat the process over a period of time till you see no powder falling from the wood if you want to remove it completely.

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