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Dallas TX Wood Roof

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Wood can give natural color and lend exceptional character to your home exteriors if installed for your roof. No two wood roofs in your locality will look alike because each one has a unique color, width and thickness. It also offers energy benefits, helps insulate your attic and allows good air circulation. Call Dallas wood roof companies for wood that has been pressure treated and has a certain fire safety standard.

Though wood is often thought of as a roofing material that is more vulnerable to damage, it can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance. But still it is the most preferred material for its killing looks, environment friendly nature and undying popularity. Call Dallas TX wood roof companies for smoothly sawn shakes or shingles that are easy to install. Choose unique types of wood that are thick and can be durable for years.

Wooden shakes are available in different grades and are pre-treated for maximum safety. Call Dallas TX wood roof companies for purchasing premium grade wood that is fire resistant. Check if there is a warranty on the material and ask for discounts if any. Buy only the required quantity of wood so that it does not go waste. Make sure the wood can withstand your local climatic conditions throughout the year.

If you are installing wood roof for the first time, you need to take care that the shingles are installed at proper angles with correct amount of overlapping. The ridge of the roof requires specially cut shingles and they have to be sawed at a certain angle. Call Dallas TX wood roof companies for careful selection of the shingles and accurate calculation of the number required. Make sure they are all in place with properly driven nails and screws.

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